Information Technology Specialist Systems Admin Job Description

2009年04月30日 | 来源: eDOT Job Description | 查看: 2297次 |

Develops, tests, implements, and maintains operating system and related software. Responsibilities differ from those of an Operating Systems Programmer in that the Systems Administrator is not responsible for altering operating system's software codes. Establishes and implements standards for computer operations for compatibility between hardware and software, according to specifications and parameters. Troubleshoots and resolves software, operating system, and networking problems. Schedules, performs, and monitors system backups and, when necessary, performs data recoveries. A combination of over four years of directly related training and/or experience is typically required for carrying out the responsibilities for this job.: Recommends hardware and software upgrades according to growth statistics and disk space forecasts. Schedules, plans, and performs system upgrades, including coordinating the transition from test to production environments. Schedules tasks using software support tools and scripts. Configures hardware, such as workstations, printers, servers, and tape devices. Provides technical support for system users. (Source: eDOT Job Description) 

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