Information Technology Specialist Customer Support Job Description

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Provides technical support to employees in information processing departments. Assigns and coordinates work projects, such as converting to new hardware or software. Evaluates work load and capacity of computer system to determine feasibility of expanding or enhancing computer operations. Makes recommendations for improvements in computer system. Reviews completed projects or computer programs to ensure that goals are met and that programs are compatible with other programs already in use. Trains workers in use of new software or hardware. Requires a bachelor's degree in field of specialty. Excludes paraprofessional positions.: Develops work goals and department projects. Designates staff assignments, establishes work priorities, and evaluates cost and time requirements. Reviews and tests programs written by programmer analysts or computer programmers to ensure that programs meet objectives and specifications. Consults with quality assurance analysts to ensure that program follows establishment standards. Modifies, tests, and corrects existing programs. Evaluates and tests vendor-supplied software packages for mainframe computer or microcomputers to determine compatibility with existing system, ease of use, and if software meets user needs. Enters commands into computer to place programs in production status. Inactivates, individually or in combination with, each component of computer system, such as central processing unit, tape drives, and mainframe coolers. Tests computer system to determine criticality of component loss. Prioritizes importance of components and writes recommendations for recovering losses and using backup equipment. Assists user to resolve computer-related problems, such as inoperative hardware or software. Trains workers in use of new software or hardware. Reads technical journals or manuals and attends vendor seminars to learn about new computer hardware and software. Writes project reports and documentation for new or modified software and hardware. (Source: eDOT Job Description) 

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