Information Technology Specialist Network Services Job Description

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Analyzes and controls the technical architecture of Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. Researches, tests, evaluates, and recommends telecommunications and data network systems. Analyzes workload, including traffic and utilization trends. Interfaces with users, consultants, technical teams, and vendors for maximum guidance in determining the most appropriate type of hardware installation. Supports complex PCs and LAN/WAN networks throughout the organization. Requires advanced knowledge and experience in the area of local and wide area networking, communications, and related hardware and software. Typically requires a bachelor's degree in computer science, MIS, or equivalent, and certification in networks.: Identifies areas of operation that need upgraded equipment, such as modems, fiber optic cables, and telephone wires. Conducts survey to determine user needs. Reads technical manuals and brochures to determine equipment that meets establishment requirements. Visits vendors to learn about available products or services. Tests and evaluates hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with existing system, using equipment such as computer terminal and modem. Analyzes test data and recommends hardware or software for purchase. Develops and writes procedures for installation, use, and solving problems of communications hardware and software. Monitors system performance. Instructs users in use of equipment, and assists users to identify and solve data communication problems. May design and develop complex software interface programs. May write technical specifications to send to vendors for bid. May oversee or assist in installation of communications hardware. May perform minor equipment repairs. (Source: eDOT Job Description) 

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