Food Tester Job Description

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Assists food scientist in research and development and quality control. Conducts tests on food additives and preservatives to ensure organizational and FDA compliance on such factors as color, texture, and nutrients. Samples odors or tastes for prescribed flavor. Analyzes records and compiles test results, orders supplies to maintain laboratory inventory, and cleans and sterilizes laboratory equipment. Typically requires up to two years of specialized training or an associate's degree in applied science related technology; however, some companies may accept equivalent education and experience combined.: Performs standardized qualitative and quantitative tests to determine physical or chemical properties of food or beverage products, or to ensure compliance with company or government quality standards. Conducts standardized tests of food, beverages, additives, and preservatives for flavor, color, texture, nutritional value, or other factors. Tests flavoring and spices for moisture, oil content, coloring, and pungency. Tests production samples of food for compliance with standards. Computes such factors as moisture, salt content, sediment, or solubility. Smells samples of food for odors or tastes for prescribed flavor. Observes sample smear, sediment disk, or agar sample through microscope to identify bacterial or extraneous matter. Compares test results with standards and records results. Cleans laboratory equipment. May mix ingredients to make reagents. May operate computer to compute percentages of ingredients in finished product. May be identified according to quality or product tested. (Source: eDOT Job Description) 

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