Medical Doctor Job Description

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Diagnoses and treats variety of diseases and injuries in general practice. Conducts fitness physical examinations. Examines patients, using medical instruments and equipment. Orders or executes various tests, analyses, and diagnostic images to provide information on patient's condition. Analyzes reports and findings of tests and of examination, and diagnoses condition.: Attends to patients in clinic or hospital, and reexamines disability cases periodically to verify progress. Administers or prescribes treatments and drugs. Inoculates and vaccinates patients to immunize patients from communicable diseases. Advises patients concerning diet, hygiene, and methods for prevention of disease. Provides prenatal care to pregnant women, delivers babies, and provides postnatal care to mother and infant. Oversees maintenance of case histories, health examination reports, and other medical records. Formulates and administers health programs. Inspects and makes recommendations regarding sanitation and elimination of health hazards. Reports births, deaths, and outbreak of contagious diseases to governmental authorities. Refers patients to medical specialist or other practitioner for specialized treatment. Performs minor surgery. May make house and emergency calls to attend to patients unable to visit office or clinic. May conduct physical examinations to provide information needed for admission to school, consideration for jobs, or eligibility for insurance coverage. (Source: eDOT Job Description) 

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